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Experience Our Adventure and Education Programs 

Challenging oneself is an important part of personal growth.  Through our Experience Adventure programs, you and your colleagues, friends, and/or family have a unique opportunity to discover your strengths and how to use them to overcome life’s obstacles. 

When choosing the right program for your group, please keep in mind that some of our Experience Adventures require moderate to strenuous physical activity.

Strenuous Activity           Moderate Activity           Low Activity          
Rock Climbing Canoeing  Eco Adventures
Back Packing Mountain Biking  Lodging
  Back Packing Camping





And don't forget about our High/Low Ropes Teambuilding Challenge Course! Our High Ropes offers three different difficulty levels, all equally safe to traverse.

“Everyday you learn new things about wilderness and about teambuilding. After everything that went wrong (homesickness + heat) the fun things will be remembered over the negatives. The OEC staff is very knowledgeable and they will have fun along with you.” 

- Green Acres School Student Participant